Firstly lets start by saying that our first priority is the safety of our guests and our staff.  Since this pandemic began it has been our goal to provide as safe an environment for guests to visit and staff to work in as possible.  Our Covid policy will remain in place going forward and has become the standard, so even when things return to some sort of normality , our cleaning and preparation protocols will remain.  Should you require a copy of any of the details please just give us a ring on 01665 720000 and we’ll provide access to them for you.

In brief :
We clean and sanitize using virocidal products, that do not contain harsh chemicals and are conducive to creating a safe environment even for those who would normally have allergies to some cleaning agents and household products.
Our staff have undergone training and our team have been awarded the AA and Visit England marques required for safe opening of our properties and our protocols are backed by PASCUK and HHA.

What we, and local businesses, expect of our guests

Its not much, we just ask you to abide by whatever current legislation and guidelines apply whilst staying, so rule of six, one household, two households, mixing inside, mixing outside, or not. Take away food, eat in food and any restrictions that a venue may have.  To be polite and kind to staff, not to whinge if you have to wait a bit for service, food, or drink, businesses will be busy, many of the staff are seasonal and not necessarily local. They will stick to the rules, please don’t ask them to bend them - sitting on adjoining tables then moving them as you see fit is not acceptable, and you will be told to move back to original seating, .  The only way businesses are able to open is to “sign up” to doing it right, if you don’t like it, pay for whatever you have had and leave, don’t give the staff grief or abuse, they are only doing their job.

TERMS & CONDITIONS (including Cancellation Policy)

Our full up to date terms and conditions and cancellation policy can be found by clicking this link TERMS & CONDITIONS.

It is worth re-iterating that our full no quibble refund applies only to Legislative circumstances affecting the property booked, and renders the property unavailble to guests. ie the booking contract is frustrated as we cannot provide the service.

We may be able to refund guests under certain other circumstances ie if we are able to relet the property, however conditions will apply please read the T&C’s for details.

All other guests' risks should be mitigated by the guest through their own travel/cancellation cover, which if you Google it,  can now be found for COVID circumstances like localised lockdowns, self isolation and Covid illness.